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hey everyone!!! I just joined. I'm liz. i'm 19 yrs old..

and yeah.. i love the internet..who doens't?

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yeah i love it as much!!

good god.. i leave my computer on all day and night :D
but yeah.. i'm an addict..

omg me too!! phew i thought i was the only one!

except i turn it off when i feel like i'm wasting electricity but most of the time i dont have much self control ;p
do you have dial-up/cable..etc..?

what do you usually do online?

i've got dsl.

usually i do lj layouts, talk online or search up info on the digital camera i'm gunna buy.. haha i'm so lame..

how bout you? what connection do you have?
goodness.. i'm on AOL :D Cable.. uhh.. i'm usually chatting in IM's... and i like internet fights.. i think they're so hilarious.

looking up digi cam stuff is awesome. it helps you a lot in the long run!!! :)

wait:: do you do like overrides layouts..

or do you make layouts..?

hmm... i had a paid account.. and i had no clue how to make layouts.. i just know how to fiddle with the overrides..

WHAT aol has cable? how much do you pay? i have aol dsl.. :x

i do overrides stuff i'm trying to get hte hang of the paid account layout nonsense but its drivin me crazy!! i dont know if i should get a paid account, is it any different? i've been thinking about it...
umm.. i used to have that time warner "roadrunner" it was like first 6 mos/29.99 and after that is was 45 bucks :\

so we cancelled it. heh i'm on free trial or whatever. with aol broadband.. it's 2 months free or something.

honestly.. my account expired.. on thursday. it was paid.. i love being able to have 10 icons, faster servers, AND the ability to choose what icon you have when you post comments.. like.. going to a comments page..and seeing your comments with 3 different icons.. i love(d) it

but can't you post comments with different usericons with a free account?

i think i'm gunna change it to a paid account, the 10 icons really got to me, haha... ;p

oh wow, is the aol broadband faaaassstt?
yeah.. it's fast.. but like with anything else..

if you download too many files at once.. you lag REAALLLLLLLLLLLY bad.. :[

but yeah.. i was on crappy dial-up for about a month.. that's pure torture..
oh my goodness, i know what you mean

last night my dsl went down so i had to use my dial up connection it took soooooo long for anything to load or for sending IMs...

aol 8.0 and 56k are just not a good match... :|
lmfao!! preach it!!! lmfao..

With AOL broadband. you have to use that aol 8.0 beta.. and... omg... with dialup.. it took me like 1 minute to wait for all those icons to load. The aol user icons and wallpapers.etc. you know like on broaband..etc they load all fast?

on 56k.. ::smh:: every category would take forever to load before you got to the icon you wanted.

someone needs to burn all those modems.. AHH!!!

HAHA!!!!! i know!!!!! you have to wait til allllll hte icons load just to click on the category you want, then you have to wait for that to load, then the apply button to work...ugh.. then, like my messages would send 3 minutes after i pressed send and it wouldnt let me do anything else cause you know that's how aol works, omg i was going crazy, so i decided to start AIM which was so stupid of me because it took up more system resources and made it even more slow!!! thank god for highspeed internet accccess!!

p.s. wow sorry about that paragraph ;p
hahah!! yeah i know EXACTLY what you mean.!!! sadly..i still have a few friends who are STILL on caveman-time 56k. jeez.

the day you first get your modem.. and you get online.. you NEVER want to be on dial-up EVER again!!!


i cringe at the dial-up connection noise stuff.. :\
ugh... the sound.. of it clicking every 5 seconds when you login.. is REALLY irritating.. lmfao

You know what also bothers me?

When you're in a chatroom you type something..
and like 2 minutes later people are like "what?"

AFTER you typed your response a long time ago.. and you gotta retype it..

i so know what you mean, but what i hate most is when a page is loading for like 2 minutes and your waiting for it and then it goes "Error: Web Site not responding" just cause the connections so slow ;(
i especially HATE it.. when you're on dial-up. and you're trying to view a page with a macromedia introduction ;[ it takes like 10 freakin minutes to load!!!! *cries*


that hasnt happened to me yet.. ;p
but i hate it when it goes "An AOL error has occurred" repeatedly, has that happened to you?
p.s. will you be my friend?
...friend? as in internet-friend..?


i meant livejournal friend, but alright :P yay
sure added
yay added you too ;)

i better be going now to you later, good night! nice meeting you.

:) same to you too