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dammnit. i hate it when you're online.. gazing at the monitor... you're awake.. but your eyes are hurting so bad you want to go to sleep.. anyone feel me? lol

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Fucking yes .. its happening to me right now.
hahahah good you feel me!!!

what keeps you up though?

ive been online since 9:30am and i havent been offline since it is not 6:35am..insomniac? huh. I dont think my body knows how to Sleep.
hahahah!! damn.. i've been online...since.. ::thinks:: 5:30pm.. but. damn why is the internet sooo goddamn addicting?

lol i know,my friend put a sign that says home sweet home on my moniter because she says i live on the internet is very addicting!
Yes! It sounds like me at this very moment.